Appealing Your Property Taxes -

Appealing Your Property Taxes

A DOUBLE-WHAMMY – property taxes go up AND an escrow shortage results.

If the value of your property has gone up significantly as noted in your Annual Notice of Assessment, this is what happens: Appealing Property Taxes

  1. Your property taxes will go up AND
  2. an escrow shortage results, consequently, your monthly mortgage payment will increase.

What can you do about it?

GA residents have until May 22, 2017 to file an appeal of your Gwinnett County Property Taxes if you feel your “Annual Notice of Assessment” valued your property “too high”. Other Georgia counties have their own appeal process and dates, so check your county website for more information.

Appealing your property taxes in Gwinnett County, GA is not difficult and you can do it yourself.  I just filed mine yesterday and here’s a couple of things to note…

  1.  Plan to spend about an hour or so researching your property’s value.  Gwinnett county has tools to help you do this.  Value is based upon what has sold in 2016 (not 2017), so do your research and find out what has sold in close proximity to your house.  Look for homes that have sold that resembles yours, i.e., 1 or 2 story, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, finished or unfinished, square footage.
  2. Going through the actual appeal property taxes process online is a breeze and takes maybe 30 minutes.

Researching Your Property’s Value

Getting Started

  • Go to Gwinnett Assessor’s website.
  • Click on Property Information.  Enter your Property Detailsaddress or your Property ID Number from your Annual Notice of Assessment.  It looks like R1004A223 or something like that.  Your property is now shown.
  • Click on Your Name and you will see your property detail.
  • Click on Neighborhood Sales.

Finding Properties Like Yours

A list of properties will come up and you will be able to change some of the search criteria.  You can also download the list of properties into an Excel spreadsheet, which is what I did.  Appealing Property Taxes

I added my property at the top and highlighted it; highlighted the properties I thought were similar to mine, and made important notes at the bottom.

If you are having problems or feeling overwhelmed at this point, feel free to call/text/email me @ 770-356-4656 / and I will see if I can help.  You are basically estimating your market value, much like what we REALTORS do all the time.

Save whatever information you have, so you can upload the documents in the next step!

Appealing Property Taxes Process

Here’s the easy part.

  • Click on the Electronically File your 2017 Residential.  This is the “official” PT-311A Form
  • Enter your Property ID Number or Address
  • Click on Your Name
  • Here’s an example page.  Read carefully and answer the questions for YOUR situation. Gwinnett County PT-311A
  • Follow the prompts and click Continue
  • Next, is the Value and Comments Section.  Fill in what YOU THINK your property should be valued at.  Add your OWN comments.  I had to work on this one, because they don’t give you much space for your comments.  Click on the image below to see a larger version.PT-311A Appealing Property Taxes Online FormRemember, you can add your comments on your supporting documents that you are going to upload in the next step.
  • Upload your supporting documents.  Again, if you need help with this step, please don’t hesitate to call/text/email me @ 770-356-4656 /
  • Click Continue, and fill in the requested information.  Continue on with only a couple more screens left.  Once done, print out your PT-311A for your records.  They also email it to you!

Congratulations!!!!  You have taken the step of Filing an Appeal on your Property Taxes in Gwinnett County, GA.

If you have any questions about appealing your property taxes, please contact Gwinnett County Tax Assessor’s office or call 700-822-7200.

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